Sousuke: "Don’t mess around!"
Haruka: "I… I swim my own way. It doesn’t concern you."
Makoto: "H-Hey, let’s calm down a bit. Both of you."


i used to be okay with calling people out wrt posting artwork from a pixiv artist that doesn’t allow it but now i’m like….???

and there’s a photoset of souharu going around with almost 1k notes, from an artist who has “reproduction and distribution of my artwork is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN." IN…

i’ve taken it down! please feel free to tell me about these sort of things since it’s more like i overlooked their profile (which i won’t do from now on). i don’t want to offend the artists who’ve worked on hard on their artwork. it’s definitely on me and there’s another post with the same images, but they’ve gotten permission uploaded it on tumblr so please reblog from them instead.


Saul and his soundly advice

"How helpless you are..."